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  Welcome to my personal website!  My full name is Christopher Clayton Corbett and I'm an industrial Draftmen/Designer working for a Engineering Consulting firm in Sellwood, Oregon.  I successfully completed an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Certificate of Completion of Industrial Drafting and Design at Portland Community College, Oregon.  I'm proud to say that I am employed in the field that I went to school for and getting increadible amounts of hands on experience that will take me places far into my career, I'm enjoying it very much.
  Oregon has always been the place of growth for me simply because this is the state of my birth and childhood.  I was born in Portland and raised in Milwaukie and really like the four seasons here than other states that I have been in.  If I had a choice I would rather stay in the Northwest with a good paying job than California.  I like what Oregon has and represents althought its a real liberal place.
  I served my country in the armed forces.  Yep! The good O' U.S. Army and could recall every moment of the 4 year journey.  I would say that it was a life experience that was worth some degree.  I was a 31R "Communications Network Specialists" and stationed in Camp Casey, Korea and Ft. Stewart, Georgia.  What a bunch of winning places to be stationed at; you had to be on your toes for these rapid deployment units!  Furthermore, by finishing the 4 year commitment I got college money and it WORKED!
  My interests would be a summation of the old saying "Jack of all trades master of none."  I am Mechanically and Electrically inclined and like Everything from Cars, Classics, Computers, Electronics, building or fixing any possible thing that exists. I love Sci-fi fantasy movies; absolutely love every aspect of the EPIC Star Wars Movies.  I'm into all types of computer related stuff, I still have my Atari 2600 consoles and 58 games.  I absolutely love and respect all animals of this earth, especially the cat species.  Lastly, I'm very opened minded to all the possibilities of this Universe & beyond.  Just visit my Super Links page to get the load down of what I'm into.  Enjoy the Voyage!