Jerry is a 10 year old "Maine Coon" breed of cat.  His breed covers the medium to larger species of the domesticated cats.  He has a type A personality around other cats, but loves to be around people in general, if he knows you.  His favorite thing in the world is to be brushed from head to toe with a multi brissel brush as my mom discovered.  He is living with my mom and loves it.  Jerry by far is the best cat my mom and I have ever raised!  I highly recommend his breed over all others because of their gentle behavior, great personality and company, but beware, his breed is NO lap cat!
    Hairball is a unique 12 year old cat thoroughly explained by his name.  The most incredible cat that sheds record amounts of hair everywhere he lays.  Him and Jerry were once great roommates together in the same house.  Hairball is a type B personality and can be a real scaredy cat almost triggered by any sudden sounds or movements.  Hairball is almost as large of a breed as Jerry, but not by much.  These pictures are the only recent ones taken since he was put up for adoption because of his gardian relocating to Arizona.  He is a great loveable cat and will be missed.
    Bud is a 15 year old half Minx cat who watches over my dad since he got him when he was only 8 weeks old.  Bud has his particularities about himself, his territory, and routine habits.  At his age he has really change to a more kindly type of guy since his earlier time as being "Bud the Bully!"  He simply does not like being picked up or bite, scratch, bite!  Nor being touched anywhere else besides his head, neck and upper back!  He was very territorial even towards dogs that enter my dad's property.  He loves his tuna fish and the great outdoors.  He's a real character and is a good match for dad.

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Jerry's Movie
    Rocky is the next door neighbor's cat and his name really describes him well for being tough on age.  Rocky is 20 years old and looks great!  I am absolutely serious!  You can't see it, but he has bad scars on his ears and speaking of ears, he has lost most of his hearing.  At his age he wants to be left alone and he means it too by running away from anyone he doesn't recongnize.  Rocky has lost a lot of weight, if you hold him you'll notice he's less than 5 pounds.  Rockys' territory is around the backyard.  He gets fed moist food so its easier on his teeth.  Rocky has passed away on October-2003.
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